cant import any downloaded maven dependency if idea behind proxy


I was configure my settings.xml for corp proxy server like this and got the possibility of downloading dependencies. But if with downloading its ok, when i try to import something to class, idea cant find any downloaded dependency and mark as red all after top domain level. Can to see only base libraries (which was included by default) when i put the dot after org. for example.

In .m2 folder all necessary libraries is downloaded

In settings -> build tools -> maven all as default 

Any new dependencies downloads successfully 

pom.xml without any errors




Delete .idea directory and reimport from pom.xml.


Isn't works for me. Still like before.

Also i can to configure my Kotlin: when IDEA show me the dialog box "Configure Kotlin in project" i cant to chose my version of Kotlin coze "Could not load vesion list from"


Can it be the reason?




I was configure proxy for IDEA

and the problem with current Kotlin version is ok now. But nothing changes with dependencies import :(

Even if i clean my .m2 folder, make a new project and add some dependency to pom.xml

local repo and necessary folders inside (org\seleniumhq\selenium\selenium-java) was created successfully, but problem with import still happening with me :(

@Serge maybe you can give me some more advise for that? Or maybe exists any other possible variant or hack (bow)


Also when i create a new project and add maven framework support, all my dependencies and plugins are broken from the beginning 

Is this problem goes from wrong setting.xml file ?


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