Webstorm 2017.2 no longer support Windows scaling

I customize the window scaling to be 125% (in Windows 10), but since the 2017.2 upgrade, it no longer scale accordingly. I know I can change the editor font size, but I would like to menus to be bigger as well.


Can you check if passing -Dsun.java2d.uiScale.enabled=false VM option to WebStorm (this has to be done in vmoptions file, Help > Edit custom VM options) makes any difference?


Yes, that fixes my issue. Thanks.


I had a similar issue when I upgrade, my entire webstorm IDE suddenly scaled to be bigger than usual (not just the fonts). 

I'm glad you started this post and for Elena's fast response! This also fixed the issue for me upon editing and restarting the IDE. :)


Same problem for me in PyCharm and WebStorm. This fixed it. Very strange...


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