How to get RunConfigurationBase for a ConsoleView


I would like to implement pinning of my custom consoles so that they are reopened on the start of an application.

My only missing piece is a persistence to the RunConfigurationBase.

All I can get is a reference to RunContentDescriptor using com.intellij.execution.ExecutionHelper#findRunningConsole - which has only a reference to a name&icon of the RunProfile.

If it is not possible, then perhaps it would be nice to add an extension point on the place of com.intellij.execution.runners.RunTab#initLogConsoles. That would actually help me even more, I could also implement configurable Grep Console color&filter profiles for Debug/Run Configuration (need a reference to RunConfigurationBase + hook before the console is running)

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Vassiliy Kudryashov
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Try ExecutionListener to get proper 'what is still running' state, for example.


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