Exist an equivalent tab "Debug Output" of Eclipse in PhpStorm?

I need see the code output progressively, this solution exist in Eclipse through tab Debug Output, but in PhoStorm I'm not capable to see.


I'm using xdebug

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Hi there,

Generally speaking -- no.

It was present at some point (really long time ago -- back in v2 or so) .. but at that point it had certain problems (it did not always worked; and users were expecting even more out of that functionality) .. that it was removed to be improved .. but was not touched since then. https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-4466

P.S. If you are debugging a PHP script in CLI mode ("PHP Script" type of Run/Debug Configuration) then output can be seen in standard Console tab. For web-based debug (via browser) such "Output" tab does not exist (as mentioned earlier).

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I solved it, thank you to you

I using debug in CLI, OK but... I dislike.

It is the only one reason. It is the only one reason by I come back to use Eclipse.


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