Ctrl + click old behavior on table names

On PHP Storm 2017.1, when I `ctrl + click` a table name on a query, the table is selected on the database panel. On 2017.2 it opens a new tab on the editor with the DDL for create the table. How can I go back to the old behavior?


+1 on this

I assume it is a bug? Could be handy if table doesn't exist, but useless if it does.

Vladimir Luchansky


Please submit a request to DBE issue tracker: youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/DBE#newissue=yes .


I just ran into this after upgrading to 2021.01.

If there is an issue for this, can someone post the link?

I'm wondering if there is setting that changed defaults or something? I much prefer ctrl+click (and ctrl+b) to jump to the table on the database panel.


Looks like there should be a settings for this starting 2021.1: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DBE-10349, but I can't find it yet. Moving the thread to DataGrip to assist further.


As a workaround you can reassign mouse action for this:

Settings -> Keymap -> Select in Database View -> Right click -> Add Mouse Shortcut -> Ctrl + Click

Then you will be prompted to remove other assignment for this combination, just click remove and voila :-)


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