Inspection Profile reset each time PHPStorm is opened

I created a custom inspection profile to look for some specific issues.

Since then, this profile is stuck as the profile used by default when PHPStorm opens.

I go to Settings > Editor > Inspections and change Profile back to Project Default. Then when I retart PHPStorm it reverts back to the other profile.

How can I change which profile is loaded by default when PHPStorm first starts?

Vladimir Luchansky


Since you already have a custom profile and you can always reset it to defaults, PhpStorm does not keep Project Default profile because it is suggested that you prefer a custom profile to be always active for your project.

If you still need a default profile, you can create a custom profile with a different name like Default and do Restore Defaults for it, then use it.


Thanks for explaining a way around this behaviour.



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