AppCode error messages doesn't find which file the error is in


Means I can't click error messages, any tips to get this working?


cmake generated project

macOS 10.12

xcode 8.3.3


Official comment

Hi Marten,

Which AppCode version are you running?

Does the problem with clicks occur only in Messages tool window? Are they working fine in other areas in IDE?

It would be great if you capture a screencast that demonstrates the issue. Also please collect logs from Help | Show Log in Finder and send them (together with screencast) to Or, as an alternative way, file an issue in our tracker and provide all info there.

Hi, this is also a problem for me. Ppcode 2017.3

In xcode I can see what file a build error is in and click on it to go to the error, in appcode I cannot.

All build errors are shown here, I can click this to go to the source.

In app code I cannot click on this and I don't get the file/class name where the error is.

In the source view I can see the inspection issues but not build issues.

I don't want to have to do batch inspection of the whole project to find build errors, it takes ages, just if my build fails I want to jump to the source of the failure.



Tatiana Shabaeva

Hi Simon.

Does that happen only in C++ code or Objective-C/Swift as well? Are you able to reproduce the problem in a basic project created from scratch? If yes, could you please create an issue in our tracker and submit the project, so that we can investigate?


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