RubyMine - indexing is very slow for Ember projects despite excluding folders

Hi everyone,

I am using the ember.js plugin in RubyMine to work on Ember projects, and I've noticed that the IDE takes an unreasonably long time to do some tasks that would take seconds in a Ruby project - such as Git operations (push, pull, checking out branches, and reverting changes to files) - can sometimes take minutes in an Ember project.

I've excluded three directories in my Ember projects which I'd expect to cause constant re-indexing - `dist`, `node_modules`, and `tmp`. I've also gone to Settings > Languages & Frameworks > JavaScript > Libraries and unchecked `node_modules` and many entries involving the `tmp` folder.

I'm thinking I either need to exclude more directories from indexing, or something else is wrong. Can someone please help point me in the right direction?

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Hello, please attach all content of Log directory, please see how to find: In this directory there are thread dump, they will be very useful to figure out what is slow exactly. Thanks. 


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