How to deal with mako/django/etc templates in webstorm


We are several co-worker who use PyCharm, Webstorm, ... on python/javascript project. When we use PyCharm, Mako/Django/... templates are recognize (syntax, autocomplete, etc). But in WebStorm, Mako templates are recognize as simple HTML file (syntax error on mako tags for example).

How to enable/add mako template management in WebStorm ? Thank's.

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There is no way to enable Mako/Django templates support in WebStorm.

You can try using textmate bundles (, for example)  for basic highlighting. See and for more info

If this doesn't work for you, I can only suggest suppressing the error highlighting for your files to get rid of syntax errors. This can be done using Hector icon in the lower right corner: open your file in editor, click the Hector icon and then move the slider to change the Highlighting level to None. See You will likely need to reopen the project to get the highlighting updated.

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Okay thank's for this informations.



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