Where do I file a bug against a Jetbrains plugin?

Specifically speaking, the AWS Cloudformation plugin commits a bit of a UX faux pas: it steals the top rank of a content menu from our collective muscle memory.  It situates itself on top of File, and recently added a second option, so when I create a new file from the context menu (something I do far more frequently than creating new cloudformation templates) I always have to hunt and peck for the right option.

Is this a limitation of the plugin framework, or is the plugin developer doing something weird?  Screenshot here: https://slack.jstal.in/cdn/cloudformation_takeover.png

I haven't found it to be particularly useful so I've disabled the plugin for now, but I was curious about why it was built this way.

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Hello, thanks for the request, we've file a new problem https://github.com/shalupov/idea-cloudformation/issues/105. 


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