How to insert line feed above/below and move to caret to it (like CTRL + Enter in Sublime)


Hello! I am trying out PHPStorm and I am noticing I am missing one feature that I usually use all the time in Sublime Text. It is the CTRL + Enter and CTRL + Shift + Enter functionality. CTRL + Enter in Sublime inserts a line below the current line and moves the caret to it. CTRL + Shift + Enter does the same, but with the line above. In PHPStorm it appears to do different things, from breaking the line (if you are inside a string) to inserting a line feed below without moving the caret to it, to simply nothing and staying put.

I would like to know if there is a way to make these key combinations do the same as they do in Sublime Text. I have tried Google and this forum, and searching in the preferences in PHPStorm, but I can't seem to find which setting I can modify to make this work. Help is much appreciated!

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Hi there,

Shift+Enter (here on Windows using Default keymap) adds a new line after current and moves caret to the beginning of it (indented).

On your PC/Mac you can check and change shortcut at "Settings/Preferences | Keymap". The action that does the aforementioned is "Editor Actions | Start New Line"

To do the same but before current line is Ctrl+Alt+Enter and appropriate action is called "Editor Actions | Start New Line Before Current"

P.S. That settings screen has local search box (+ search by shortcut next to it) so it should be no problem for you to quickly locate those actions in the list.

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This was exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

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I'm confused... which documentation should I turn to for such information? The official shorcut cheatsheet obviously contains only a small part of the shortcuts. Also, in this cheatsheet, `Ctrl + Alt + Enter` does "Reformat code", which is consistent with my env's behavior.

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This depends on the Keymap used. My comment was about Default / Windows keymap.

You can check and adjust (add/remove/replace) any shortcuts at "Settings / Preferences (on Mac) | Keymap"


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Andriy Bazanov Thanks for the reply. I just realized that you guys are talking about phpstorm whereas I'm looking for an ansnwer for resharper :D 


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