collation with datagrip

Is there a quick way via UI to view/modify columns/table collation? 



As much as I hate to say it, I recommend using another IDE at times that you need to manage Database Schemas with a comprehensive UI.

If you are using MySQL, I recommend HeidiSQL. DataGrip does not come close the ease of producing DDL statements as HeidiSQL.

I suspect DataGrip schema UI is held back by the need to support so many different RDBMs.

I find that DataGrip is good for people who are already familiar with the SQL/DML/DDL of their RDBMs and need a hand writing it rapidly and with few mistakes.  If you are not familiar with the DDL statements for your RDBMs, and you need a UI to help, then I would switch to the alternative at those times.




Currently, there is no way to change collation from UI. You need to write and execute DDL script.

Thank you.


Is there a feature request for this? 


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