Can't run rack project in IDE, works on command line with 'rackup'

Running it directly from the IDE I get:

If I go to that directory and type "rackup", it works fine.

It seems to be that pre-pending the rackup command with 'ruby' is causing the issue...

My config is below. Any tips?


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Hello, looks like you have two versions of Rack gem installed and in RubyMine we use gem which is bundled and conflicted with Sinatra(perhaps you point the version of rack gem in the Gemfile?). In Terminal you are using compatible version, because is out of context of Bundler. To check this please uncheck checkbox Run in bundler context in the run/Debug Configuration (see on the screenshot).

If it doesn't help please

-uninstall the version of rack gem which is incompatible

-make sure that in your Gemfile you use the corresponding version of rack gem

-run Tools | Bundler| Install

and check again. Let me know if the problem still reproduced. 


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