"Path to Script [files,etc]" fields should allow relative paths

I modify this code on Google Drive, via two different computers, resulting in different pathing between both systems. My issue is I cannot easily run my unit tests because 'Path to script:' is absolute and stored within the .idea settings.

These paths should allow an option for relative to project root. My question is: why hasn't it been added already?


Seems like 2017.2 indeed has a regression: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-37378 -- says fixed for next EAP (which should be 2017.2.2)


Hi there,

It is not absolute.

It looks absolute for the user .. but internally (in config file) it is stored as relative to the project root (as long as the path is within the project root) .. unless there is some fresh bug/regression.

If your PHPUnit use global paths (located outside of the project) -- use Path Variables (you have to create the same variable on all computers). Once again -- in dialog screens it will be shown as full path .. but internally it will be stored as using that variable (path macro).


Thanks. I was planning to respond with tests, but given that requires working with two computers, simultaneously, on a single-user license, I hadn't had the time to get around to setting that up. Your original reply was definitely not what I was seeing.

However, that bug does explain exactly what I was seeing. I see it as well within the php.xml file.


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