Can IntelliJ work With Application Objects and Controls


I'm a total newbie here and I'm use to using automation testing apps like SmartBear's TestComplete. One feature of this tool that's great is it's ability to work with application objects and controls. I can basically point at any control such as a button, right-click to get it's supported properties, then click on a property to inset a statement into my script.

I'm current using Google's Developer Console to identify objects, XPaths, etc. but getting the correct statement into my script is a challenge. I'm trying to find out if there's a method, plugin, etc that I can use to point at a website to work with it's objects and controls?

Thx in advance.


Please clarify what kind of apps you are testing. Do you mean web applications running in a browser?


I am referring to a web application running in a browser. We're using Java and Angular API.


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