Intellij community code on maven central?


Hi guys,

would it be possible to see community edition to be deployed on maven central since it is OS? Some part of the code can be very useful for other OS projects.


We plan to publish some modules of IntelliJ IDEA as Maven artifacts (probably not on Maven central though), watch this issue to be notified about the progress. This is not a simple task because we need to express dependencies of IntelliJ modules in Maven format. So we don't plan to deploy all the modules, only those which are really needed to be used in external projects. So if you have in mind a particular part of IntelliJ IDEA which you want to use in your project please tell us.


Hi Nikolay,


thanks for the answer and pointer. What's I'm really after is to be able to use the code reformatting in the maven pipeline (integrated to a maven plugin) to ensure idea can be used as main IDE reference instead of current workarounds which rely on another formatter and an Idea plugin which rarely works that great.


Hi Nikolay,

Two cases that I have come across recently are:

  1. The infrastructure required to build JPS plugins. Currently I have a separate module for my JPS plugin, and that requires the full IDEA dependency in my gradle build. The gradle plugin currently outputs a warning on every build that I'm using the gradle-intellij plugin without a plugin.xml.
  2. The openapi jars for various projects, so that libraries can be built which require access to basic IntelliJ functionality. For example, I have a Java facade which can use either reflection or PSI, depending on whether it's used inside IntelliJ or not. Currently I manually extract openapi.jar to my project libs dir and add it manually, but it would be nice to have that as a standard dep.

In general, any time you want to develop a reusable library for IntelliJ plugins, there's no good way to do that right now.




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