puzzling windows behavior on ubuntu / gnome (or unity)


Hi I've been using intellij for years now but still puzzled by the behavior of floating/windowed mode of sidebars. And it hasn't been any improvement on those for years.


So I have 2 screens and I want to detach the run console so that I can maximize it on the 2nd screen. If I do it with floating mode it kind of works but have to manually reposition the window each time it is placed on the 2nd screen. Also if I have a run console and a debug console then they overlap eachother, most of the time the run console hides the debug console and there is no simple way to bring one over the other. I've to minimize the run console to view the debug console and vice versa and for each min/maximize I've to reposition the window to occupy the full screen. WIndowed mode seems a bit better but then there are problems when I activate other apps (i.e. the browser) and back to intellij. Since the system thinks the console is a separate window, only the console comes up front and the editor stays behind the browser window. On top of that, the windowed consoles tend to keep the keyboard focus when I change apps. All in all quite chaotic and unpredictable. Anyone knows of a fix or better way to work with intellij?

On my home pc I got a 4k monitor so I keep the consoles attached to the main window. But occasionally I notice the keyboard focus staying on intellij when I switch App, I think mainly when using the new "use sbt for build and import"

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I don't think it's specific to Linux. If you have the suggestion how it should work, please submit a request at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/IDEA.


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