vue / jade comment code syntax error

i work with vue js and jade lang (know also as pug)

when clicking (CTRL + /) wich suppos to comment the line:

<!--b-field(:label='__ ("CALENDAR")')-->

instead of
//b-field(:label='__ ("CALENDAR")')

which is error
if i click twice:
//<!--b-field(:label='__ ("CALENDAR")')-->
which is totally wrong

any idea?
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To me, Ctrl+Slash in pug templates adds the correct comment - `//`:

<template lang="pug">
//div#id-in-jade Strange!
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Same issue here in

  • PyCharm Pro 2020.2.1 and
  • WebStorm 2020.2.1

with a minor variation:

^/ encloses the pug code line in

<!-- -->

as in the first post above, but another ^/ brings back the original pug code line.


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