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I'm currently facing some heavy compile time issues with the latest 2017.X releases. For a project I'm currently working on AppCode has a heavy build time variation. Sometimes it just takes < 1 minute. Other times it takes 3-5 minutes and for clean builds/build after changing the branch it can lasts 9-13 minutes. On Xcode on the other side it only takes 3 minutes for a clean build.

Someone else experiencing this issues?



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Hi Carsten,

We presume the issue you're seeing is OC-5360. Have you seen it in previous AppCode releases (i.e. prior to 2017.X) or you feel like it's a regression?

Hey Tatiana,

Thanks for the reply: I can't really remember how it was with previous versions. For now I switched to Xcode to build the project, which seems to be the only solution to this problem.


Apologies for inconvenience, Carsten. We've started work on another improvement for incremental builds: OC-9451. Hopefully, we'll be able to resolve issue with slow clean builds in future AppCode versions as well.


Hey Tatiana,

I have to say with release of 2017.2.3 in general it got better, but sometimes it still takes up to 9 minutes.


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