Access toolwindow from an action


I need to access my custom toolwindow from an action. In my case, the action triggers an update of the list displayed in the toolwindow. I tried two ways:

1) Make the toolwindow accessible via action-data. This did not work when assigning a shortcut to the action and the shortcut is used from some place outside of the toolwindow.

2) Make the toolwindow a singleton. This does not work when multiple IntelliJ projects / windows are open.

Related change (where I switched from method 1 to  2, but broke multipe IntelliJ window support:

Any ideas how this could be solved in a clean way?

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You can use `ToolWindowManager.getInstance(project).getToolWindow(TOOLWINDOW_ID)`.

Or you can create projectService and store necessary data there.

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Could you please provide some samples for the new API? I tried both ways but it seems they're not working as expected.

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Could you explain what you tried and what went wrong? It is hard to guess what was "expected" from them in your case. 


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