Idea 2017.2 gradle fail to run tests : "com/intellij/psi/search/GlobalSearchScope.moduleRuntimeScope must not be null"


After migrating from Idea 2017.1.5 my project can't run tests on Idea 2017.2.2

The error is 
15:40 Error running 'XXXXTest': Argument for @NotNull parameter 'module' of com/intellij/psi/search/GlobalSearchScope.moduleRuntimeScope must not be null


Project is a multimodule Gradle managed Java/Spring project.

I've re-imported the project from source
re-installed Idea using ToolBox
Nothing works.

Gradle 'manual' run is fine
test can be ran on Idea 2017.1.5

Can someone help with this?

Very disappointing and time-consuming


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