cannot import gradle project


I am trying to just get started from zero by running the Kotlin Koans from here 

I have gradle installed 

I clone the repo and try to import the project, getting this error

When I open the gradle settings, all options are greyed out, so I don't see any way to fix anything.

Would be grateful for any advice.


You should be able to specify Gradle JVM here:


That option is greyed out because there is no linked gradle project.  It's a chicken-egg: I can't import the gradle project because there is no Gradle JVM, and I can't set the Gradle JVM because there is no gradle project :(


Try creating a new Gradle project from scratch, there will be options to specify the JVM.

You can also try adjusting your JAVA_HOME to point to JDK instead of JRE.


That (creating a new Gradle project) ungreyed the options in the koans project!  I'm grateful!


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