Pycharm IDE for Robot Framework not recognizing my Environment Variables



I am using Pycharm with Intellibot for Robot framework development.  I have an envirnment variable path set so everyone can use the same resources easily.  Problem is for some reason it doesn't appear to be working correct.  

Here is my Envirnoment Variable -  

Here is my call in Pycharm - 

Please help.

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The same problem here.

I have a keyword defined in different file to the test suite, where I used Set Suite Variable. This variable is set correctly and I can work with it within the test suite but PyCharm does not recognize it as a Suite Variable and underline it with red with error message: "Variable definition not found".

Any solution?

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The same issue by me. The variables were stopped recognizing after 10.07.2020...

Was some update which did affect that?

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Hi everyone, 

Just to clarify, is the issue only with inspections, while the code is run correctly? 

If this is the case, which plugin are you using for working with Robot Framework? I think you should report the issue to plugin's developer.

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Hi, I use IntelliBot and Robot Framework support. It’s interesting that these plugins work fine by other team members in the robot framework community. The code works fine while the code running.

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Thank you,

Yes, both plugins are third-party:

I recommend to report the issue to their respective issue tracker.


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