Apache Drill - Language Support

Trying to use DataGrip with Apache Drill; I have no problem registering the JDBC driver and connecting to the database but when using the navigation and selecting a table the sql being generated is for example

select t.* from "database"."tablename" t

for this to work in apache drill it needs to be using the ` and not the " character  eg

select t.* from `database`.`tablename`t 

I've tried a few different dialects but am not getting any difference.  Is there a way around this as it's a similar issue when connecting to SparkSQL via the thriftserver?



Currently, we support only double quotes according to SQL standard and there is no way to change it. Try to use command line options mentioned in https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DRILL-3510

Thank you.


vasily chernov - It been 2 years, any developments on this. I am still facing this issue while navigating through tables in drill.


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