opening delaration in new tab with middle click


ok, I'll explain what I'm up to. There is keymap setting called 'declaration'. I really like that I'm able to ctrl+button1click to go to declaration in different tab and activate that tab. is it possible to set middle click (button2click) to open declaration in new tab, but not activate it? something like middle-clicking link in chrome

Vladimir Luchansky


You can do it via macro:

  • Go to Edit > Macros, press Start Macro Recording
  • Go to code and do Navigate > Declaration
  • Then do Navigate > Back
  • Go to Edit > Macros, press Stop Macro Recording
  • Set a name for the macro
  • Go to Settings | Keymap and either search for macro name from previous step or go to Main menu | Edit | Macros and find it there
  • Assign it with a desired mouse shortcut

As a result, once we will middle click the instance, it will go to declaration and instantly go back. Would that be suitable?


perfect! I was not familiar with using macros.  

thank you very much


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