Problem with getting the good c++ includes search path on a Obj-c/C++ project.

I am trying to load our Obj-C/C++ project into App Code on the trial licence. Our setup is composed of an xcodeproj referencing many cmake files/projects in submodules. Right now, AppCode can build the project properly when running our current main target. Althought, the shared_ptr and weak_ptr (C++) are not found as correct types by the IDE detection. The IDE thought, when trying to parse the different includes in our header files(.h), loads this path : /Applications/ which is C++14 when CMD+Click on the <memory>, for instance. When trying to load the same <memory> file from an implementation (.cpp) file, it loads this folder instead : /Applications/ which is C++99 that does not contain the shared and weak pointers implementations. XCode loads the proper include paths which are c++14. Can you help us with this ? Thank you very much.

Have a good day.


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