Settings Repository feature always asks for SSH key password even though key is in my SSH agent already



I am trying to use the Settings Repository to keep a backup of my IDEA settings. I am successfully syncing my settings to the remote Github repository, but IDEA always asks for my SSH password before doing the sync.

The standard way of using SSH, as I'm sure you are aware, is to have the SSH agent ask for your password once at login time, and then allow your SSH key to be used without having to enter it again for that session.

Is there a way of making IDEA use my SSH agent, instead of using the SSH key directly? I have set the 'Project Settings > Version Control > VCSs > Git > SSH Executable' option to 'Native', but it has not made a difference.




Settings repository is a separate feature based on the JGit, and it is not related to the Version control - Git, that is why changing settings there has no effect.


Settings repository does not have a Native SSH mode and does not benefit from the ssh-agent.

Here is the request to add such mode


IDE, however, should be able to save the passphrase in keychain or KeePass database, and does not ask you to enter in future.


It asks me once on each program run, but is still really annoying. I am on KDE Linux so have neither of those options. Let us hope native SSH mode is added to settings repository soon.


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