Terminal stuck in window mode


So I use the embedded terminal a lot, and yesterday I clicked "Windowed Mode", however I hate it in window mode and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to put it back at the bottom. 


I'm using the most recent PhpStorm EAP on windows 7. And here is a screenshot posted below, any ideas how to put the embedded terminal back?


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(Reposting my Twitter reply) There should be an icon left to the Hide icon. Is this area clickable? http://prntscr.com/gbmud4

If it's not, you can change WINDOWED to DOCKED in .idea/workspace.xml for id="Terminal". But it's still necessary to understand what happened to the icon.

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Clicking the window mode again again in the settings dropdown brought the terminal back to the bottom on Phpstorm like normal!


Thanks for the help!

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I have encountered the problem of collapsing docked windows as well lately. It is a real struggle to get them to dock in the right place again, I agree.

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That is not intuitive! In the menu under "Window > Active Tool Window" the option for Docked mode was even grayed out. "Unselecting" windowed mode did the trick.

Please change this!


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