method prompt in evaluate code fragment window not in sync with console for base class


Have a class hierarchy of several levels. Debugger with console paused at breakpoint after getting a derived class instance, I can see base class method prompted after dot in console, but nothing for the same variable in evaluate code fragment window. Is it a bug? 


Hi! We're not showing methods for class instances in a Variables Pane. Could you please provide a code sample for reproducing the bug?


File foo

class base:


class derived(base):


def main():

    obj = derived()

    pass   <== wait

In python console, import foo and set breakpoint at wait line and run main(). The debugger pause at wait line. In python console, type "obj."  (dot here), console will prompt methodA and methodB. Use alt+F8 to bring up evaluate popup window and type the same thing, not much was prompted there. 


Thank you for the feedback! I've created an issue in our issue tracker:


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