Pycharm freezes upon opening. How do I open pycharm without opening any projects?


When I open pycharm it tries to open previous projects I was working on. It starts to index these projects and opens the tip of the day. It then freezes - I can't close any windows or do anything within pycharm.

How do I open pycharm and not open these projects.

(running on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 and Pycharm 2017.2.2)


Fixed by doing are hard uninstall.

Steps taken to do this -

  1. Deleting the application
  2. rm -rf ~/Library/Preferences/PyCharm2017.2
  3. rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/PyCharm2017.2

Then re-install of Pycharm 2017.2.2.


Thank you for the update.

> How do I open pycharm and not open these projects.
Recent projects information is stored in ~/Library/Preferences/Pycharm2017.2/options/recentProjectsDirectories.xml file. You can close IDE, remove this file and start Pycharm again.

>  It then freezes

If the performance problem occurs again, please submit a bug report about it to PyCharm issue tracker:, thank you.


Hi, I know this case is already quite old, but I´ve the same issue right now.

Therefore I wanted to ask, If there is another solution than re-install the entire program?

I also tried to search for the recentProjectsDirectories.xml, but couldn´t find it on my windows machine.I´m running pycharm 2018.2.2 on Win10 64bit


thanks for any help you can provide!





Hi mallok, it depends on the problem cause. I think it's better to remote recentProjectsDirectories.xml first (on Windows it's under C:\Users\<USER>\.PyCharm2018.2\config\options), another option is to rename/remove the entire settings catalog (C:\Users\<USER>\.PyCharm2018.2). And as a last resort - reinstall IDE.


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