Windows users, where do you store files?

I've been using and loving PHPStorm for a couple of months now. 

I use Wamp64 and I can't figure out the best place to store my files/projects.

What do you all do? C:\wamp64\www\ or C:\Users\[username]\Documents\something

It seems that I spend a lot of time navigating directories. 

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Personnally, I keep all my PhpStorm projects in C:/Users/{MYNAME}/PhpstormProjects/. 

When I want to access to one of my websites locally, I have two choices : 

1. Create a symbolink link in C:/wamp64/www/{ProjectDirectory} that leads to the directory C:/Users/{MYNAME}/PhpstormProjects/{ProjectDirectory}

2. Launch the website through Phpstorm UI : Right click > Run


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