Pycharm hangs on startup,


 I am "trying" to use Pycharm 2017.2 on Linux but I can't seem to get it to finish syncing.

After starting pycharm using /bin/ I see the screen below for hours and hours and am never able to use it.

I also have it running on Windows and that took a while the first time but eventually it returns and is usable.

I've seen a number of other posts with a very similar issue but I have yet to read a clear answer with steps to take to fix the issue.


Is there a fix?



Where do you keep your project files?

Please note that for the best experience PyCharm should have fast access to the files (project configuration xml files, project working files and settings files ). Having them on network or mounted drives is not officially supported and may cause some unexpected behaviour. 

Consider keeping all the project files on the local drive and use the built-in Deployment feature:


More information about this issue: I run the Windows version on Windows 7 Pro. On startup, it seems that PyCharm is hung; however, it is doing some background tasks such as "Updating Python Interpreter", "Updating Indices", etc. As a result, PyCharm will eventually come up -- but after about an hour or two!!! Yes, I had time to debug this during Christmas break.  ;-)

Anyway, what is more frustrating about this issue is the fact that PyCharm IDE just sits there without showing you that it is not hung. After a long while, a window pops up showing "Background Tasks".

Any clues/hints to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated! In the meanwhile, happy PyCharm'ing and Happy New Year, everyone!  :-)


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