Persistence Window not available with Spring Boot Project


I just created a new project from Spring initizer wizard in InetlliJ IDEA Ultimate 2017.2.1. I picked JPA and JDBA as dependencies. My new project is based on Maven. I updated pom.xml file to add Oracle JDBC drive and added connection information in file. Added one Entity class, JPA repository class and write some text code in application. Everything works but with two problems,

1. Persistence Window not available (even I tried to add JPA facet, it didn't show up)

2. In  database windows, I picked Import DataSource and couldn't find any data soutce in the project which is strange. 

I am new to InetlliJ and might be missing something very basic. Any help is highly appreciated here. 



Thanks, now looking forward to next version (I hope it is part of that). 


Just updating in case someone also having the same problem. I added JPA Facet to my Spring Boot project. It also added a persistence.xml file but it not impacting me. Now I can see the JPA entities, reverse engineer from database and execute JPA queries. It looks like Queries methods autocomplete is not working. 


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