Debug : Variables Windows 'splitted' on the right side


Is it possible to split the Debugging window to show the console at the bottom and to get a variables window docked on the right of the screen.

I only get a splitted window with console and variables both at the bottom.


You can drag console tab to the bottom like this:


The comment is not relevant to the question though. I can see no way of splitting out either frames or variables from the debugger tab. It's such an awkward place to have the variables window, I want to drag it to the right hand side.


Thanks for letting me know, I voted for that. I won't get too excited though as the ticket was created 8 years ago.


How do I drag the console to the bottom? When I click on Console within the debug window (with what I think are called tabs Debugger and Console next to one another), I cannot drag Console or Debugger anywhere. Would love help; this is always so annoying.


You can move tabs (including Console) to left/right or between other tabs in the tool windows:


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