stylePreprocessorOptions includePaths in angular-cli.json ignored

IntelliJ seems to support scss @import pretty well, but it appears that it does not recognize the includePaths: 

Given a .angular-cli.json with

"stylePreprocessorOptions": {
"includePaths": [

and a styles.scss with:

@import  'partial';

partial is not recognized, though I have a _partial.scss.  This works when running ng serve, so the configuration appears correct.

I gather I can mark style-paths as a Resources Root, but obviously it would be better if  IntelliJ could pick it up from the configuration.  Is that possible?


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For now, marking `style-paths` as Resource root is the only way to go.

Please vote for in order to move it up in the queue and receive notifications regarding the progress of the feature. See more information on working with tracker at


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