Show Editor Tab Context Menu Keyboard Shortcut PyCharm


I would like to assign a keyboard shortcut to the "Show Editor Tab Context Menu" in pycharm. This is what you get by right clicking on the tab for the file you are editing - not right clicking the editor window. It is the tab where I can split the tab horizontally, move the tab to the right or left, etc.

I can find this command when I search actions - but not when I go to the preferences where I would assign a keyboard shortcut. In the preferences, I can only find the context popup for the editor, where I might jump to a declaration for a function, etc.

It seems the only way I can assign a keyboard shortcut is to make a macro that pulls up the search action menu to find the command?

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Hello, David!
You can assign a shortcut for Settings| Keymap| Main Menu| Window| Editor tabs. Does it contain all context menu items that you need when invoking Help| Find Action| Show Editor Tab Context Menu?

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That's perfect! Thanks!


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