How to ignore IDE specific apache libs and use apache libs bundle with plugin

Hi Team,

I have face this issue with my plugin as describe here;

I observed that plugin is using IDE specific apache http libs rather than bundle customized  apache http libs used in my plugin. As I understand what happens here is IDE loads all the artifacts located at <intellij path>/intellij/lib and this will override our customized apache httpclient (No matter even we mentioned in plugin META.INF file). But if we completely replace IntelliJs http client and core jars with our custermizwd httpclient (at <intellij path>/intellij/lib), plugin will work fine. Not sure this will cause any issue for other IntelliJ plugins comes by default if we replaced with our apache  httpclient (I think this is not recommended). 

Is it possible to ignore IntelliJ http client and use the customized  apache http libs used in my plugin. Appreciate you thoughts in this matter.

Thank You,


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Hi Navin,

currently it isn't possible to ignore http client jars from IntelliJ Platform. However classes of your plugin are loaded by a separate classloader, and it firstly looks into your plugin's lib directory when searching for classes, so if you have your own version of http client there and call it from your code, it should be used instead of the platform's one. Do you call http client in your code directly?


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