RM 2017.2.2 ignores .rubocop.yml file?


Looks like the version 2017.2.2 does not apply RuboCop settings from `.rubocop.yml` file neither from project root, nor from user home folder. And it continues to highlight offences for cops, that are actually disabled.

That was not so in previous version. Maybe I missed some new settings in RM's "Preferences"???


Don't see how #19448 is connected to the problem. Project root contains .rubocop.yml with

- db/schema.rb

But RM continues to highlight offenses inside schema.rb. Any thoughts on this?


It seems it was fixed in new version of RM. I don't see this issue in 2017.3.



have you checked how it goes in RubyMine 2017.3?


@Olga, yes, I was checking exactly 2017.3 release. 


@Alexander, hi there. Background liniting being done via stdin, with `--stdin` param. Path also passed to the RC and I suppose, that RC does not check this path with exclusion rules. You may check it yourself from console. Exact command may be found in RM log (see Help->Show Log in Explorer).



@Alexandr, thanks for the message. I think I've found the reason why that's happening. When RM uses background linting it passes single file to rubocop but

The problem is that when you give a single file name to rubocop, then Exclude parameters don't come into play. Unless you run with --force-exclusion.

From here

I think RM should send that additional param as well: 


Is it possible?


@Alexander sure thing. Thank you for investigation.


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