How to specify container name when running project using remote Node.js interpreter on docker ?


I followed this tutorial to run Node.js on docker containers.

All works perfectly well, but I end up with a container named with a random string like /suspicious_lovelace which is funny, but it's random and the container name gets changed everytime I run my node.js code.

I wish to specify the container name of the docker container. So far, in the Run/Debug configurations I can specify docker container settings like port mappings, and I can also specify docker container environment variables, though not sure if that's the right way to specify the docker container.

Please help.


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There is currently no way to do this, please follow for updates

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This is still an issue in Intellij (I.e. you cannot name a remote debug container) when debugging remote nodejs containers, despite the PyCharm issues being marked as resolved... 

Is this meant to be fixed across the entire suite?


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