Create a custom SDK (or standard library?) for custom language

I believe I am missing a concept here. I am creating a custom language plugin and I do not understand how to add inspection to a standard library for that language. I am implementing the D language which has a standard library called Phobos. This would obviously not be included in my plugin, but would be somewhere out on the users computer, just like the JDK is for Java. Is this standard library considered the SDK? Do I need to somehow create a custom SDK in my custom language plugin? When a new D project is created, I would like to index phobos so that I can do autocompletion and references from it. Is there a way to accomplish this?

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It's possible to provide a custom type of SDK. In order to do that you need to implement SdkType and register it as 'sdkType' extension in plugin.xml. Look at PythonSdkType for example.


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