v2017.3 EAP - Debug Error during Mocha Test Runs: Process finished with exit code 130 (interrupted by signal 2: SIGINT)

I had to reinstall WebStorm due to some licensing issues.  Previous I was using 2017.2.xx.   I just installed EAP 2017.3 (Build #WS-173.2290.2)  and now when I try to debug breakpoints on a test, I am getting this:

this is extremely frustrating when it was working fine in 2017.2

cross-reference: https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000380044--node-debug-and-node-debug-brk-are-invalid-Please-use-node-inspect-or-node-inspect-brk-instead?page=1

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This is bizarre so I got it working but I had to uncheck and re-check the JavaScript Debugger Plugin.  For some reason doing that, then being prompted to restart, it now works.  But this looks to me like a weird bug still in EAP if I have to do such a thing:

I noticed after it restarted it did some loading that I've not see happen before:

I can now debug again but it's concerning, this has to be a bug that needs to be addressed ASAP.

once I restart I notice all my mocha test configs are showing red Xs and it prompts me to then re-enable mocha-javascript-test-runner:

Then restart again and able to debug again.  



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