Add keywords to spellcheck dictionary

Short question: What would be the best strategy to include those of the 6000 Mathematica keywords that are "incorrectly spelled" so that they are not highlighted by the spellcheck annotator?

Is this possible for a file-type and "statically" so that I don't have to insert them every time a new Mathematica project is created?

Official comment

One of the strategies is to export required dictionaries from Mathematica to textual files and use them as custom user dictionaries in IDEA. You can also configure these dictionaries for the default project. So all new projects will inherit this configuration.

One possible problem in such solution is that IDEA and Mathematica can use different format for dictionaries. In this case it's required to convert the dictionaries from Mathematica format into a format understood by IDEA (textual file with the .dic extension, containing the words delimited with the newline).



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Wow, yes this is what I wanted and I'm very embarrassed that it was me in particular who didn't check the official docs first. Thank you very much, it's exactly what I wanted and converting the dictionaries is not a problem.


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