I want to set environment variable for internal webpack plugin

How can I set an environment variable for the WebStorm's webpack plugin? I need to specify it to get the right webpack config to resolve files.

My use case:

I have files with different suffixes like Item.target1.js, Item.target2.js for different targets. In my project, I load dependencies with ES6 syntax like:

import Item from "./Item";

I use webpack to bundle sources. This is achieved with specifying configuration property (resolve.extensions = ["js", `.${process.env.TARGET}.js`] ). Also, I use eslint configuration with eslint-plugin-import, eslint-import-resolver-webpack plugins to get these extensions from webpack configuration. The only thing is required is to have a possibility to set this variable in the internal process/terminal, which resolves my webpack configuration for WebStorm itself. In such, case I would be able to navigate inside WebStorm based on my current target.

I hope I explained well enough. Please ask if you have other questions.


Setting variables won't help, WebStorm won't use them when resolving your imports, sorry.

Webpack resolve.extensions is not supported (only resolve.roots (webpack 1), resolve.module_directories (webpack 1), resolve.modules (webpack 2), resolve.alias (webpack 1/2) are). And, even if the support is added one day, you can hardly expect it to work for dynamically generated extensions


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