Live Edit Shows One More Div

As you've seen below, I added one "div" but it shows two divs. if I delete div element, It shows one div. If I delete from css, It does not show anymore. 

My brain collapsed because of this matter. I hope find the solution here. 



can't receate

BTW,from your screenshot it doesn't look as if Live edit is active - debugger is not attached to the tab... so I'm not sure the issue is related to Live edit


It is really disorienting. I can share my teamviewer id. 


can you see this extra div when not using live edit (when previewing your page in browser using the browsers toolbar in the editor, for example)? Do you have a single project opened? Do you have any same-named projects?


No, I just see this at the live edit. While previewing by browser it does not appear.

There is no any other project in the folder. 


Please record a screencast that shows your steps and provide it along with the project

>There is no any other project in the folder. 

what folder? Do you have any other projects opened at the same time, or this project is the only project you have opened during the session? Please shut down Webstorm, clear browser cache, then re-open this project and try to recreate the issue


I unistalled WebStorm and deleted all the files about it from ~library folder and also project files. I deleted the history of chrome. I uninstalled the JB extension from chrome. Now I will install extention and WS again. 

If the problem still continues, I will record a screencast just for now.

If you prefer, I can share my remote control details with you.


Ok, please keep me posted:)

>If you prefer, I can share my remote control details with you.

Thanks, but I'd prefer a screencast


what is this popup.js the TypeError is reported for? where does it come from? what file is opened when you click the link? Also, what Chrome extensions do you have installed? I wonder why deleting text in browser deletes it in editor? Webstorm Live edit doesn't support this kind of synchronization


Wowww, after uninstalling whole extensions out of JB, there is no any problems.

Deleting text in browser is an html attribute also, not very common. 

Thank you for your patient interest for this topic. Now I will try to find which extension was the reason of this problem. 

Thanks again. Kind regards. 


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