PHP Code - variable color overwritten by some setting somewhere?!


This is the weirdest thing I've been trying to figure out and clear out for the last hour, with no luck, and I've been through every imaginable setting in this damn application... 

For some reason the PHP variables are colored #4b2226 (had to use color picker to figure out what that damn color is) and even if I switch between different custom themes that color stays the same across all of them, making me believe that the color is dictated by something in default PHPStorm settings somewhere rather than custom theme's settings.

See the screenshot:

obviously the $id and $status variables in that screenshots are impossible to read, and whatever is defined in the theme or color scheme so far (in the latest version, 2017.2.3) is not applying to those no matter what.

Any idea where else do I need to look to reset this and allow the theme specified colors to kick in?!

It's driving me bananas!



I would suggest to use Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+A > Jump to Colors and Fonts as suggested in .


Hmm... that kinda sorta worked. If I go the shortcut route (double SHIFT then find that menu) and change the colors there, it wouldn't save them/apply them, and it would reset the default color to 660000 (the dark burgundy or whatever that was).


But if I went through the Default Settings menu and found the colors for PHP, changed them and hit APPLY, that would actually work.


So thanks for pointing me in the right direction there.


Phew, now I can actually read my code....


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