C++98 Inspections Only


Is it possible and if so how, to only have C++98 inspections, I've tried all the possible combinations I've found in CMake to get CLion to realise this isn't C++11 code, but to no avail?


I have the same problem! If anyone know please post an answer!


I never got any sort of resolution to this, but have now migrated to C++11 so no longer an issue for us.


Hello everyone!

It's likely the issue with specific clang-tidy checks that don't respect current language level. Unfortunately, we can't handle it reliably on our side, however, you can disable the problematic ones (Alt+Enter on the warning - press "Right" select "Disable ... check").

If you get non-clang-tidy warnings, please provide some code samples with which the issue can be reproduced.


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