How to create new HighlightLanguageColor?

I'm creating a Custom Language Plugin.

For the syntax highlighter, I would like to (1) set the default value for the existing default language syntax elements programatically, and/or (2) define my own LanguageHighlighterColors programatically.

I only found the page about Color Scheme Management, however, which didn't do anything for me when creating a new XML and adding it to my plugin.xml.

So, how to do either (1) or (2)?


Let me clarify:

Settings -> Editor -> Color & Fonts lists color schemes for different languages like Java, HTML, Bash, etc.

How can my custom language plugin add a new entry for its language?

How do I reference those definitions in my SyntaxHighlighter?


Just for the record: You follow the page on Color Scheme Management and create an XML file. The path is relative to META-INF. Then you use the names of the XML elements in your createTextAttributesKey statements as first argument.


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