FileWatcher Generate SourceMap with YUI Compressor (CSS) and Uglify or YUI Compressor (JS)

I'm using 3 File Watchers.
1 - SCSS to translate file.scss to file.css and (is not possible to generate compressed css file and him map with SCSS FileWatcher?)
2 - YUI Compressor to compress file.css to file.min.css BUT, I don't know how to generate too! Anyone knows the argument for this?
3 - Uglify to compress my file.js to file.min.js but I had the same problem, I don't know how to generate! (I can use YUI Compressor to JS too, if its help!)

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1. SASS compiler (scss.bat) supports --style compressed option, which produces compact/compressed output --‌yle .

So you can try modifying your SCSS file watcher Arguments as follows:

--no-cache --style compressed --update $FileName$:$FileNameWithoutExtension$.min.css

Make sure to modify Output paths to refresh accordingly:


2. UglifyJS ( ) supports --source-map option - you can try adding --source-map to args







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