MAC OS 10.5+ keyboard shortcuts not working


A lot of keyboard shortcuts aren't working but I'll use a specific example to explain my problem.  My specific issue is with the code formatting command.  After high lighting a block of code and executing a command + shift + L, a chrome window is launched and a search for the highlighted code is executed.  The expected outcome is that the code should be formatted.  It seems like the keystroke is being caught by the OS instead of pycharm.  How can this be resolved?

I am using OSX Sierra.  I've had similar problems with all Jetbrains IDEs

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Hello, Stephen! Could you please specify which keymap do you have chosen in Preferences| Keymap?  Have you modified any default one? In Mac OS X 10.5+ keymap, for example, the shortcut for "Reformat code" is Command+Alt+L.


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