"Invalid PHP Doc Comment Template" while generating PHP Doc comments

Hey guys,

since 2017.2 I have a problem with auto generating php doc comment.

In class like this


class Fake
/** <<<---
function __construct($priceIdCurrent, $priceValueNew, $sectorId)


When I try to press enter here, the IDE tells http://prntscr.com/gij6mf

9:20 Invalid PHP Doc Comment Template
Can not build a PHP Doc Comment from the template which evaluates to:
public function __construct(${PARAM_LIST})

I've noticed that this happens mostly for constructor.
Thought it would be fixed in the latest build but it was not.
Am I doing something wrong? Previously there was no such thing.


Hi there,

Have you edited your templates?

What's your current template looks like? Check at "Settings/Preferences | Editor | File and Code Templates"

  1. "Code --> PHP Constructor"
  2. "Includes | PHP Class Doc Header"

Right now it works fine here on Windows 10 using PhpStorm 2017.2.3 with 64-bit JDK

Try resetting those templates to default ones (for testing purposes)

Try disabling any 3rd party (not bundled by default) plugins -- may help (in case if one of them interfere somehow).


Thanks, it works after reset, my template looked like this


public function __construct(${PARAM_LIST})



It worked for a very long time, I guess you've recently added ${PARAM_DOC} param and my template didn't have it.


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